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A “Weenie” is a visual icon in a Disney theme park that draws in guest. Some parks have only a couple Weenies, while others have many. Here are four more”weenies” from around Walt Disney World Resort.  

Great Movie Ride  Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World Resort

Expedition Everest Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World Resort

Space Mountain Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Resort

Journey Into Imagination Epcot Walt Disney World Resort

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11 thoughts on “More Disney Weenies

  1. I LOVE space mountain! Amazing shots! 😀

    1. Thanks…it was taken during the Halloween 5K last year.

    1. Thank you so much!

  2. The Space Mountain shot is my favorite also… love the reflection in the water!

  3. OOOooooo Ooooo beautiful shots!!You are so talented!!

    Thanks for hopping with us today,
    Deb @Focused on the Magic

  4. I love each and every one of these shots! Great photos!

    1. Thanks so much and for stopping by today! Please come back often!!

  5. Oh yeah…the Space Mountain photo is stunning!

  6. Great photos! I LOVE the reflection in the Space Mtn. picture!

    1. Thanks..It was being at the right place at just the right time! Thanks for stopping by!

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