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4 thoughts on “WDW Parkhoppers Audio Show #8 – Amanda Tinney

  1. John, I am really, truly impressed with your podcast – can’t believe this is the first time I have found it! It was a lot of fun hearing a couple of my favorite people – can’t wait to hear the next one!

    • Thank you very much…I am humbled. We are tying very hard to be HIGH quality as well as enjoyable to listen to…We will do our best!

  2. WOW this was my first time listening to your podcast(IT WILL NOT BE THE LAST) it was great…you had AMANDA TINNEY on,,,I have been reading her blogs and have loved them all—I am still waiting to meet her in person (missed my chance at the wine and dine 🙁 ….You had a GREAT SHOW with her.she is always fun to listen too… love the NICK NAME you gave her TIGER BLOOD TINNEY I might have said TIGGER Blood Tinney lol so glad i found your pod cast….Thanks for a GREAT show..

    • Thanks so much Linda! Amanda Tinney is amazing and she is worth trying to connect with. She is one of my favrorite-est people in the world and she is a GREAT friend and a friend to parkhoppers! We are very excited that you found us and cannot wait to share some Disney Memories with you soon!! The Tigerblood thing with a one-off from the Charlie Sheen thing…it was HUGE when we coined the nickname!

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