Disney Bucket List Holiday Offer

Rick Howard / John Donahue / David L. Sloan

Take your Disney vacation to the next level! Tired of sifting through mountains of guidebooks and websites trying to plan the perfect Disney vacation? Stop planning and start playing. The Disney Bucket List cuts out the fluff and gets to the point with 100 ways to experience the real magic of Magic Kingdom. No nonsense, just awesome, quirky, fun and different adventures that will make your time at the Magic Kingdom unforgettable.

The list in this book is concise and interactive, so you can pick an adventure and go. Each adventure is accompanied by a hint, tip, secret or fun fact to get you started. Once you complete an item, there is a box for you to check off your accomplishments. Some are easy to complete; some are almost impossible. You set the pace and chose the next adventure. Each of them will give you a taste of the magic. Take a look inside. How many can you do?

You can order direct from Amazon, but you can also get your own autographed copy by using this link!